Paint & Industrial Filtration

Paint Overspray Filters

Solak has over 40 years of field experience in the paint overspray industry which will enable us to find the products that will fit the applications. Our goal is to provide that customer service to ensure that our customer's needs are met with the best product that suits their application. There are many options for collecting paint overspray in the industry and we have seen what medias work well in certain situations and what does not work. We have several media manufacturers that we represent in order to find that product that fits our customer's need.

As mentioned above there are several options of media to collect paint overspray. We specialize in the paint overspray medias and are not into selling other painting supplies like guns etc. Solak will come in and do an evaluation to have a greater understanding of how your paint system works. Then once we understand your needs, wants and limitations we can recommend what we feel would work best in your application. Then we would run a FREE filter trial in one of your booths.

Picture of Fiberglass FibersShowing fiberglass fibers cleaner as the paint depth loads.

These pictures are just an example of the depth loading of one of our medias as well as showing that the paint in this application has been contained in the media with minimal bleed through.

Picture of the Final Layer of FiberglassThen final layer of fiberglass is still clean. The paint has attached to fibers as the depth loading occurred.





Air Filters

Air FiltersSolak represents a full line of air filters including Air Flow Technologies and CLC Air. Solak can supply our customers with everything from panels and pleats to self-supported bags to cells. Solak likes to survey the customers' facilities to find the correct product that fits their application.