Industrial Vacuum Systems

Solak offers a diverse range of industrial cleaning vacuum systems that pick up powder to metal chips to sludge or wet sand and everything in between. All the proposed units based on specific application come with a factory based performance guarantee.

Solak is proud to offer the most complete line of vacuums used in the industry. They range from electric or air-powered drum top to powerful portable units for use on a central system. The large Mono-Block units can be coupled with various hoppers or bulk bag loaders for easier handling of collected materials.

VAC-U-MAX has engineering capabilities to custom design a system to fit your needs. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate ways to solve your clean-up issues.

Four commonly used vacuum systems for different applications:

Picture of a Unit with a Manual Pulse SystemThe unit pictured to the right is a specialty air vacuum designed to collect powders in applications like powder coating paint. The unit has built-in manual pulse system to clean the filter. Another user friendly feature is the material being collected can be contained in any style plastic bag. All components are static conductive.

Picture of a 1041 series UnitThe unit pictured to the left is a 1041 Series vacuum. This vacuum is an example of an unit for a 3-4 operator application. Applications range from powder coat paint to other light dust. Available in 3 different horsepower ranges. Has self-cleaning filters. Common plastic trash bags can be used for disposal of collected material.

Picture of a Portable ModelThe unit pictured to the right is an example of one of many portable models available with manual cleaning to automatic pulsing options. They can be used with intercept drums or hoppers for high volume cleaning projects.

Picture of a Mono-Block VacuumThe unit pictured to the left is a Mono-Block vacuum unit used for central systems.

We welcome the opportunity to review your facility and propose the system that provides the best cost effective value. For additional information go to