A Unique Organization with a Guarantee Purpose.

Solak LLC is an organization built on the experience between four individuals that spans 5 decades and was founded on the belief that there is a need in the process ventilation market for an organization that provides solutions to removing unwanted particulate that guarantees the results.

A common question asked is 'Where did Solak come from?' The inverse of Solak means integrity in Greek. Why the inverse? Well, we want to reflect integrity . Having an organization that stands for integrity is one level but reflecting (walking the talk) is better.

Solak LLC was founded on the premise need for a company to provide state of the art equipment, sound design engineering with turn key installation ability. Clark Stanard took his thirty (30+) years of filtration and management experience founding an organization with his son, two (2) engineering associates, and sales associates that have years of process ventilation experience from both the OEM manufacturing and facility arenas.

Our loyalty is first to the customer.